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Our Lovely Lotion is a lovingly crafted moisturiser that provides gentle care for your little one's delicate skin. Enriched with a selection of nurturing ingredients including Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil, Lemon Myrtle Extract, and Tasmanian Blue Gum Extract, our baby lotion is designed to nourish and protect your baby's sensitive skin.


Aloe Vera, known for its soothing properties, helps to maintain the skin's natural balance and provides gentle hydration, keeping your baby's skin calm and refreshed. Shea Butter, a natural emollient, forms a protective barrier on the skin's surface, locking in moisture and promoting softness. Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil, cherished for its gentle and nourishing qualities, helps to replenish and soothe your baby's delicate skin. Tasmanian Blue Gum Extract, rich in antioxidants, helps to nurture and protect your baby's skin, supporting its healthy appearance.

Lovely Lotion

SKU: 001
  • vegan and cruelty-free

    100% naturally derived ingredients



    free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, MIT and CMIT, silicones, sulfates and mineral oil

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