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A story of healing.


Meet Madeline and Harlow.

When my daughter Harlow was just a few months old, she developed eczema on her face. It was tough for me to see her constantly scratching and feeling uncomfortable. As a mother and a cosmetic formulation chemist, I knew I had the knowledge to help her.


I got to work and created some formulations specifically for Harlow's skin. The results were incredible. Her skin became calmer, less irritated, and she became a much happier baby overall. I felt so grateful and humbled that my chemistry skills could make such a difference for her.


That's how Naieve Skincare came to be. It's a brand born out of my love for skin science and my personal desire to help my own child who was suffering. My hope is that the formulations I've created can bring the same relief and happiness to other children as they have for my own.



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